Adding multiple emails accounts on your iPhone

2009 April 13
by Andy

If you are like me, you have too many email accounts. Work account, personal account, account for public use (spam mostly ends up here), blog email account, side business account, test accounts from various services. Too many to check all the time. What do I do to manage them all? Truth be told, I don’t check most since they are for all intents and purposes inactive. I have 5 or so that I do care about, so I need to see when I have mail in any of them at a glance.

I do this in two ways, the iPhone and through Microsoft Outlook.

Setting up multiple accounts on the iPhone is a snap.  All you do is go to the Settings application, then go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar.  Choose Add Account, then choose your email provider from the list.  iPhone has default settings for MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and MS Exchange.  If your provider is not in the list, just choose Other.

On the next screen, enter your name, email address, password and a description of the account (this is just a label), then touch save.  The iPhone software will look for the account and verify it.  If you are using an account from one of the default services that’s pretty much all you need to do.  If you are adding an account for which the iPhone has no information (a GoDaddy account for example), then you will need to enter the incoming and outgoing server information from your mail provider.  This information is specific to each provider, so go to your provider’s website and search for IMAP/POP settings.  For example, for GoDaddy accounts, the incoming server is and the outgoing server is  Once you have the server information, enter it on the iPhone.  You will also need your userid and password for your mail provider.  In many cases this is just your email address or, if you have web access to your mail, then the the logon credentials you use to get in to your webmail is likely the user name you will need on the iPhone.  Again, check with your email provider to be sure.

Once you have all of the credentials entered, just touch save and you are done.  There are advanced settings you may need to adjust if things are not working (there are several outgoing SMTP ports – the default may not work, so try one of the others), or if you want to use SSL (and your provider provides SSL access) you will need to change port numbers and/or server names.  Check with your mail provider for connection details.  To change the SSL settings, go back to the list of email accounts in the Mail, Contacts and Calendar Settings and touch the account you want to change.  Scroll down and touch Advanced.  Turn the SSL slider on and be sure that the port settings from your provider are correct.

If you want to add another account, just go back to the list of email accounts in Mail, Contacts and Calendar Settings, click Add Account and go through the steps above for each account you want to add.  Currently I have 5 active accounts on my iPhone.  The nice thing is that the unread email count on the mail icon sums the number of unread emails across all accounts so I know if there is a new mail on any of them.  I can then open the mail app, go to the accounts listing and see which account has new mail.  Very convenient and helpful.

I won’t go into detail in this post, but setting up multiple email accounts in outlook is easy too – just follow the wizards ;)  The Outlook 2007 wizards are especially helpful here, and the 2007 version handles multiple accounts far better than Outlook 2003.

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14 Responses
  1. 2012 February 8
    Zee permalink

    wat if it’s Hotmai.. Wats tha server.. Pop or that other crap

  2. 2012 March 7
    Ginger permalink

    Does it cost more to have extra accounts? I heard that having more than two would result in an extra charge per account??

  3. 2012 April 11
    Emily permalink

    Never mind I figured it out. Thanks for the post!!

  4. 2012 May 9
    Andy permalink

    No extra cost for multiple accounts. I have propably 7 or 8 on my phone at the moment.

  5. 2012 September 14
    Sharafath Khandoker permalink

    When i add these multiple accounts, does it seperate them like you find on a blackberry or do they all fall under the MAIL

  6. 2012 September 27
    jason permalink

    very helpful :)

  7. 2012 December 9
    Nicole permalink

    How do u choose which email account to use if u want to email pics from photos on iPhone? I don’t want my pics coming from my work email. Only my personal

  8. 2013 February 1

    looking for a simple and GOOD place to walk me thru my 4s iPhone and my needs. thatnk

  9. 2013 March 31
    Adub_NC permalink

    Your instructions were clear and to the point, and I appreciate your knowledge. :)

  10. 2013 September 25
    Khandoker permalink

    Hi there,
    i loved your article.
    i to have several email accounts and i was wondering is there a way to have seperate mailboxes on the iphone. For example, on a blackberry you can have several independent mailboxes so that messages arent mixed and hence a lot better to organise. Obviously you can have one single one where al the emails across your accounts are pooled together. However, after the recent news of Blackberrys doom, i think its time to switch to apple. However, i really appreciated that part of my blackberry. i hope you know what i mean by independent mailboxes rather that one single one and was wondering do you know if this feature exists,
    Thanks for your help

  11. 2013 December 17
    Kalina permalink

    Zee, if you search ‘outlook email’ in the app store, choose the first one, and it gives you an option to have a Hotmail account:).

  12. 2014 May 17

    I have a number of email accounts on one mail server, but I only seem to be
    able to have 3 accounts on the 5s iphone. If there is a limit is there a way to
    change it? I keep getting a message stating the account and password on the mail
    server is not correct.

  13. 2014 November 28
    Anita permalink

    How do I eliminate getting multiple holiday entries since i loaded multiple email accounts on my iPhone?

  14. 2015 August 31
    Andy permalink

    You have two choices, neither of which is ideal
    1) only “view” one calendar at a time.
    2) remove holidays from all but one calendar so that they only appear once.

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