More MAC Keyboard shortcuts

2015 October 8

More on my quest to conquer the MAC – I’ve found a few more shortcuts that are making my life easier and make me wonder why I didn’t convert to MAC ages ago.

As a general statement, the Command key

  • Command ⌘

replaces the Control key on the MAC.  Not in all cases, but in many.  That means things that you are already familiar with for copy / paste work with the command key –

CTRL – C for copy becomes Command-C

CTRL – V for paste becomes Command-V

CTRL – X for cut becomes Command-X

CTRL – Z for undo becomes Command-Z



Delete (as opposed to backspace) – Sometimes while editing I want to delete the character to the right of what I’m typing.  With the Delete key, you have to move the cursor past the offending text, then delete back over the text (right to left).  To speed this up a bit, use the fn key plus the delete key to delete the text from left to right.  No more moving the cursor, just delete delete delete!

Delete a file (move to trash).  This is another one that’s obvious to MAC people, but not so much to us Windows luddites.  To move a file to trash quickly, just use command + Delete.

Scrolling – coming from Window land, I missed my page up/down home and end keys.  Here’s the shortcuts that you can use on your MAC to get the same results.  Again, it’s the fn key to the rescue!

  • fn + up arrow = page up
  • fn + down arrow = page down
  • fn + left arrow = home (top of doc)
  • fn + right arrow = end (end of doc

Lots more keyboard commands from Apple here.


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