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2017 February 15

I really like Gmail, but the web interface is a little annoying.  I don’t like to click around when I’m working.  I prefer as many keyboard commands as I can use, especially when doing repeated tasks like sorting through crap-mail and deleting it.  I usually use an email program like Outlook or Mac Mail because the Gmail web interface was so annoyingly, well, webby.

I recently discovered that Gmail has TONS of keyboard shortcuts!  Of course they do, I should have known better.

Here are a couple that save tons of time.

  • Select Conversation – press the x key
  • Delete a conversation – press the # key

Those two alone are worth the price of admission.  Just use the arrow keys to scroll to the message you want to delete, hit x, then # and boom goes the dynamite.

More actions:

Action Shortcut
Previous message in an open conversation p
Next message in an open conversation n
Focus main window Shift + Esc
Focus latest chat or compose Esc
Advance to the next chat or compose Ctrl + .
Advance to previous chat or compose Ctrl + ,
Send /Ctrl + Enter
Add cc recipients /Ctrl + Shift + c
Add bcc recipients /Ctrl + Shift + b
Access custom from /Ctrl + Shift + f
Insert a link /Ctrl + k
Go to previous misspelled word /Ctrl + ;
Go to next misspelled word /Ctrl + ‘
Open spelling suggestions /Ctrl + m


So happy to find these things!  Make sure to check out the Google support page for Gmail.

Thanks to Shannon and Patrick at TekThing for directing my attention to these!  They have a Patreon, support them!

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